Why Boudoir

Why Boudoir…

Because every woman is beautiful in her own body. Because you’re not just a mom, your an amazing woman! Because you’re not just a business woman, you’re sexy & classy all wrapped up into one! Because you’re not just a wife, you’re a vibrant independent lady! Because you deserve it!

Whether it be for sexy images to give to your new husband on your wedding night, a fun thing to do with your best girl friend, or the best reason of all… simply for you to celebrate the beautiful body you live in, Boudoir photos could very well be the best thing you’ve ever done for yourself in a long time. Boudoir portrait sessions have been described as an empowering, uplifting, liberating experience. The images speak for themselves and show women just how breathtaking they truly are!

The idea of stripping down in front of a photographer probably isn’t something that rams high on someone’s list of things to do. But, with my Boudoir portrait sessions, you are in charge of how your session is conducted. You can be conservative or as seductive as you are comfortable with. Our cameras have actually been known to subtract pounds. *wink*wink* With our use of dramatic lighting only your best features are highlighted. Our editing techniques can even give a sun kissed glow to the whitest skin. There is no sense waiting to lose those extra ten pounds. The time to celebrate the real you is… NOW!

Boudoir Personal Note: As most of you know, I’m Rose Lee, the photographer behind Rose Lee Boudoir. My goal is to make a woman see just how beautiful she really is. As a plus size woman, I understand how intimidating it can be to reveal ourselves in front of the camera. I also have seen first hand how having beautiful images of ourselves can be liberating and improve the way we think and feel about ourselves. I encourage you to take the plunge and give it a try. I promise, you won’t be disappointed. And, if you care to share the images with your significant other, they too won’t be disappointed!