What To Expect

When booking with me, it’s important that my style of Boudoir photography meets your needs. Look through my website and blog or visit my Facebook page for my previous work and then ask yourself, does it speak to you? It’s up to you to decide if my style of Boudoir photography meet your needs, you cannot be sold on it. Good thing too, I’m not into cheesy pitch-y sales!

In my opinion, your session should be and always remain fun. A great portrait is a lifetime investment; it’s more than capturing a moment in your life, it captures memories. Having my three beautiful daughters {10 years, 6 years, and 4 years old!} has taught me to cherish patience as well as many useful tricks to make you comfortable during your Boudoir session. Yes, I just used my girls during a Boudoir reference!  My girls have prepared me to chase around with my camera and change the settings on the move, but I am sure you won’t be throwing any two year old tantrums – right?!

I love doing meet and greets so if you would like we can schedule a chat or a meeting based around both of our schedules over the next few days after booking or up to a week before your session. If this meeting is in person, we will meet at a local coffee shop, sports bar, or other fun location to talk details. Lots of details! Heck, let’s go get lunch and have adult conversation. We sit, we chat, we swoon. While I can bring some of my previous work with me to our meeting, at this point, I am safely going to assume that you have seen my work both on my website/blog and through my Facebook. This meeting is more to determine that our personalities are a good fit! It’s so important to mesh with your photographer and have great chemistry! Once we have parted ways, I will begin planning and preparing for your Boudoir session.

New Boudoir clients always ask what should I wear to my session? Go for your best look. Your birthday suit, let’s do it! I want you as comfortable as possible, so don’t hesitate to contact me to ask me questions on outfits, colors, or accessories. This is also a good time to be creative and plan ahead your outfits. Need help with tips and/or ideas, click HERE and read some of my suggestions. I want your Boudoir session and time spent with me to be a fun and a seamless process. My goal is to make your experience fun, enjoyable, and to turn your moments into tangible memories!