Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the Boudoir sessions held?   I have an amazing hotel that I work closely with in Sedalia, Mo. Best Western State Fair Inn, of off 65 highway and South Limit Ave. Depending on who answers the phone, they know me by the sound of my voice when I call to book a room or if I say “I am the photographer”, they instantly know my name.

Who will be there during my session?   Rose Lee is the sole photographer for any and all Boudoir sessions. She, along with her female assistant as well as the hair and make up artist, if chosen, will be the only people that will be present during a session. However, you are more than welcome to bring a girl friend along to your session if it makes you more comfortable. Children are not allowed to be present for this session nor are significant other’s, unless you have booked a Couple’s Boudoir Session with me.

What can I expect during a session?   To start a session we look over the outfits you brought and discuss your visions for your session. We typically start with your favorite outfit and then go from there. If you brought magazine images showing poses you would like to try we will look them over too. Then we will begin photographing you at a relaxed pace working with your comfort level at all times starting with simple head shots and moving on from there.

How long will my session last?  I gave myself up to three hours time slotted to be with you but typically a Boudoir session lasts anywhere from 45 minute after hair and makeup to an hour and 15 minutes. I have never had to take three hours on a client before but, please be advised that the “up to” does not mean I will be spending the entire three hours on you. That time frame is there to protect both you as the client and myself as the photographer for tardiness and coming  unprepared.  The same applies for outfit changes; changing from one outfit to another does count towards the total amount of your session time.

Will my images be kept private?   Yes, privacy is our number one concern when it comes to the Boudoir portraits. All images are kept in strict confidence. Rose Lee is the sole photographer and digital artist and to further your privacy, only the person photographed may print off the images from their session. No one else is allowed to print images, not even her significant other. You will get a private password, chosen by you, protected gallery to view all your images upon completion of your Boudoir session.

Will you use my images on your website, blog, or advertising?   Images are never used without your written consent. Upon consent, images to be used are first approved by the client. If you would like, the photographer can edit the photos to post on her networking sites without your face shown, so no one but you, will know whom the woman in the portrait is. Rose Lee will not tag you in any image shared to Facebook, you must tag yourself.

I would like to have a session, but I’m not at my goal weight.   All of us would like to change something about our appearance. Most woman don’t have the body of a super model. But, that doesn’t mean that we can’t have a gorgeous, sexy photos of ourselves. The trick is to highlight our best assets while disguising the parts that we are self conscious about. You don’t have to take your clothes off to be sexy. Clothed, partially clothed, a hint at nudity, and fully nude can all be sexy. Every person has their own idea of what sexy is and what they are comfortable with. Your session can be themed, cute, fun, sexy, flirty, and even a bit sensual all while maintaining your comfort level the entire time.

Will you Photoshop my image?   Yes, I will. Even super models have Photoshop work done to their images. With our Boudoir session, you too will be able to have flawless skin, a tummy with minimal to no stretch marks, minimized wrinkles, smooth legs, and very little nip tuck here or there. The best part, no one needs to know. However, if you want extensive changes I do not do that.

What items do you offer other than Portrait CD’s?   We offer a range of products from a 5×5 bed side table book that we like to call “The Little Black Book” of 20 images for an additional charge, if it is not already apart of your package and you can also order calendars, prints, custom designed books and so much more. Contact us for a complete list of products along with their price.